Dear flu, I am not fond of you.

SJ trying to stay positive amidst the worst flu ever

SJ trying to stay positive amidst the worst flu ever

Ug. This flu season has been running rapid in my house, attacking sweet baby SJ the worst. It is terrible. Nothing is worse than having a sick baby. They just scream and cry and you feel so hopeless. He can’t tell me what is wrong and he doesn’t understand me telling him it will be okay, he is just scared and I don’t blame him.

We went to the doctor finally yesterday, and she said besides H1N1 this is the worst flu season she has seen. I mean SJ has completely lost his voice, I can barely hear him cry it is just a scratchy little horse echo.

I can not wait for this flu season to head out-of-town (or at the very least my house), but in the meantime here are a few things we have been using to help baby.

1. Infant Motrin

God’s little gift to sick babies and the mamas that care for them. Seriously this stuff is amazing. One minute SJ is hysterical, give him a little of this and then 10 minutes later he is smiling and happy. AMAZING. This is also WAY better than infant Tylenol. My older sister said it best; “There is a reason Tylenol is the only thing you can having when you are pregnant, it doesn’t do anything.”

2. Nose Frida

I know this seems disgusting. I was very weary of it when my friend first told me about it but I swear the snot will not ever come near your mouth. Here is the thing, SJ hates when I wipe his nose. Hates it. He screams and cries and looks at me like I am peer evil. At least this gets it all out quickly, so I only have to be evil once in a while instead of every 5 minutes.

3. Boogie Wipes

For when I do have to wipe his nose these are great. They are moist with saline solution so it is a little more comfortable for him. He actually holds his breath and then breathes a sign of relief when I use these. It is down right adorable.

4. Humidifier

This is helpful for babies and adults.

5. Lots and lots of love and cuddles.

This is the one redeeming part of having a sick baby. He usually isn’t huge on the cuddles but when he is sick he can’t get enough and it is what makes being a mommy so worth it.

Stay healthy!!


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