Lessons Learned From Baby- Be Present

Not the best picture, but hey we were in the moment

Not the best picture, but hey we were in the moment

It is so hard in the busy lives we live to remember to be present. Lately, I have realized that SJ has been begging me to be more present. When I pick up my phone to multi-task writing emails while feeding him a bottle or playing with him, he screams. When I put down my phone or whatever else I am doing he is happy as a clam. I suddenly realized that he is telling me to be present in the moment. What a sweet child to teach me such an important lesson.

Admittingly it is hard to always be present in the moment. For me I feel like this is especially difficult being a working mom. I am trying to do it all; work for my family, raise a baby, and keep a home. It is impossible to do without multi-tasking. I feel like I am so busy trying to make sure that everything is done and everyone’s needs are met that it is easy to forget to just sit and be there in the moment no matter how crazy that moment may be. It even makes me a little sad that SJ had to remind me of this. I don’t want him to think I am an absent parent, I want him to know how much I love him and all the little things he does. He needs to always be the priority.

Sometimes our children are teaching us just as important of lessons as we teach them. I guess what I am learning, is that time is going to fly by and I need to stop and enjoy it sometimes. The dishes will get done, the laundry will get folded, and the emails will get answered. I might be up until 11:3o at night doing this but it will happen.

So thank you baby boy for making me remember what is important. For teaching me to enjoy our special time together. You are a pretty amazing kid.


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