I am 30


Yesterday I turned 3o. 30 folks. I am in denial, but I am not. Does that make sense? 30 feels like a big number, a really big number. However then I start thinking about everything I have achieved. I am college educated with a great job, married, homeowner, and most importantly a mother. I have accomplished a lot in 30 years. It still feels so odd to be entering a new decade. Am I wiser? Possibly. Am I started to feel “aged”? Absolutely. I find myself staring in the mirror and realizing things are changing and moving if you will. Ug. This also inspires me to get in better shape and knock the next decade on its ass.

I had a lovely day yesterday. My husband took me out to a really nice lunch and my co-workers had a celebration for me at work. Nothing can compare to when I picked SJ up though. The daycare “helped” him make me the most amazing gift I have ever received (pictured above). My heart just melted and overflowed with love. Suddenly everything became very clear.

Birthdays are not about presents, parties, and getting old. They are about celebrating your life with loved ones. It is easy to expect a lot on your special day and subsequently getting disappointed. Something about this picture just made me realize that I already have the best present anyone could ask for, my son.

Growing up my parents used to always say they didn’t need gifts for holidays but just a day of quality time together. I never used to believe them. I thought they were just saying this so we would save our money or not feel obligated to find a great gift. Now I know they were telling the truth. Nothing means more to a parent then their child’s love. Just a day of smiles, laughs and love that is all this mama ever wants.


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