SJ- 12 months

SJ.12months Sj.bday2

Well my boy, we made it. You are 1 big guy. And a big guy you are! We had a lovely party to celebrate but more on that later.

Weight: 23 pounds

Height: 30.5 inches

Milestones: Walking! Yes my dear you walk. You started walking about a week or so before your first birthday and now you are off. We are also now transitioning you to whole milk and you sure do love that. (Blessed we are.) You are still eating pretty much everything, mama is so proud. Hopefully we can continue this. New favorites are tomatoes, grapes, and bread. The bread kills me because it is a reminder that you are definitely my child.

Favorites: Playing outside. You always sneak out there to play in your ball pit, with your water table, or disassemble your dad’s outdoor lights (this drives him crazy). You still love music and you got a music kit for your birthday that you are over the moon about. Our neighbor taught you how to beat box so you do that while dancing you are too cute for words. You like to walk, laugh, and play with your dogs. You love your mom and dad. You have started to come find me and grab onto my leg (*heart melt*). You give hugs, kisses, and LOVE your blanket.

Dislikes: Diaper changes. You still run for the hills. Being told no or asked to come inside. Pretty much anything that ruins your day.

Oh little boy you are a toddler now. We are having so much fun and you have to be the most loved boy on the planet.

I love you so much,


*Disclaimer: One of these days I will actually write an SJ update on his day of birth the 22nd. 🙂



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