SJ turns 2 – an update

I can’t believe this little monkey is 2. At 32 lbs and 34 inches you are just as precious and sweet as ever.  I have never met a little boy who is as organized as you.  You will line up your toys by size or color, it really is incredible to see. I once walked […]

SJ- 18 months

  Another late SJ update post but here are the awesome things SJ has been up to. Stats: 26 1/2 pounds and 33 1/2 inches (although I think they messed up you seem taller than that). You are so busy.  Like I mean you are really busy.  You never slow down.  The other day the […]

SJ- 11 months

Wow. 11 months. You talk a lot and it is awesome. Your favorite new words are, duck, oh good, and yesss. You still say dada like a champ and have started to say mama a little better. You have started saying something that more resembles dog then do-do. You are smart. You eat! You finally […]

SJ – 9 months

Weight: 20 pounds on the money Height: 29.5 inches (tall!) Milestones: Where do I start? CRAWLING!! You started crawling and you are amazing at it. Off you go kid. You also quickly picked up standing on your own. You pull yourself up on everything. Tables, chairs, me, walls, you name it. Hair!! You finally have […]