SJ- 10 months




Oh kid, you make me so happy. You laugh all the time. Everything amuses you, thus amusing me. You have also turned into a bit of a love. You gave me your first wet kiss and then proceeded to give yourself 3 in the mirror. You hear my voice and you quickly crawl to come find me and then climb up my leg until I pick you up.

You are getting better about food except for you are a snack junkie just like your mama. Goldfish for lunch? Absolutely! Cheerios for dinner? Yes sir! Sometimes we can get you to eat chicken and vegetables so we are moving in the right direction.

You love being outside, especially playing with the neighborhood kids. They run circles around you but you don’t care. I set up a ball pit for you outside that you love to play with. You kick those balls around, but best yet, you THROW the balls. Yes, you already have an arm on you. You even wind up, an athlete in the making. We will thank Max for teaching you that.


The neighbors graciously gave you a ton of toys but your favorite is the car that I can push. You even taught yourself to honk the horn, you are a smart one. I tell you to hold on tight and you white knuckle that bad boy. You just get it.

Your getting big so my arm gets tired carrying you around. We started putting you in the shopping carts which you love. Even though you drive me crazy because you throw stuff out of the cart repeatedly, but hey we are having fun, right?

You are such a muffin and truly make every day better than the last.



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