SJ- 11 months

SJ.11months SJ.11months.4 SJ.11months.3

Wow. 11 months. You talk a lot and it is awesome. Your favorite new words are, duck, oh good, and yesss. You still say dada like a champ and have started to say mama a little better. You have started saying something that more resembles dog then do-do. You are smart.

You eat! You finally eat just about anything (*knock on wood*). You love blueberries. Love them! You also really like peas which kind of cracks me up.

Gosh, still no walking but ridiculously close. You now can stand on your own for about 30 seconds to 1 minute so I know walking is right around the corner.

You love to sneak outside. It’s hilarious. If the house gets quiet, we say “Where is SJ??” You almost always have slipped through the back door and are banging on the outside table. By the way you love to bang on things.

You have discovered the kitchen. You like to throw up the cabinets and yank out the drawers and find treasures inside. Why I still haven’t baby proofed is beyond me. I guess I find it fun watching you explore, even though it is really exhausting. I always make sure you don’t hurt yourself though, don’t worry.

You move non-stop. You keep us busy but we love it. You also do this monkey crawl thing where you straighten your legs and crawl. It is hilarious.

You continue to amaze me and I just love you to pieces. Next we will have a huge celebration for the big 1!!





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