SJ- 18 months


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Another late SJ update post but here are the awesome things SJ has been up to.

Stats: 26 1/2 pounds and 33 1/2 inches (although I think they messed up you seem taller than that).

You are so busy.  Like I mean you are really busy.  You never slow down.  The other day the daycare asked me what time you start to slow down and I said you don’t.  You literally go nonstop until I put you in the crib and turn out the lights.  At least you are a great sleeper.  10-12 hours straight a night.  Mommy thanks you. 

You climb onto everything.  The toilets, chairs to the kitchen table, anything and everything.  You make incredibly nervous but you have no fear.  We are starting to see lots of bumps and bruises.  We took you to the ER last night after you climbed into a wet bathtub, slipped, and cut your lip pretty bad.  You are such a trooper though.  We sat there for 10 minutes, you weren’t crying, you weren’t even bleeding anymore.  You told us (not in words but in mannerism) that you were fine and we could go home.  I woke up through out the night to check on you but you were indeed fine.  You don’t worry, you don’t dwell, you just move on and leave things in the past – something we could all learn from you.

You are talking a lot and it is so exciting.  You are up to maybe 15-20 words.  I think you are a genius.  A few of your favorite words: mama, dada (or as you have started saying: da-do-da-do-daadooo), hot, sit, this, that, okay, no.  You just started saying “up” and “ball” yesterday.  Yes I am a proud mama. You also really like to mimic any noise people make and you are so proud when you can do it too.  This results in us making a lot of inappropriate noises in public but we don’t care, you are happy.

You are a champion in the eating department.  Some new and old favorites – pesto pasta, cherry tomatoes, mandarin oranges (only if you get to peel it), bananas, string cheese, manchego cheese, turkey tacos, green beans, zucchini, avocado, cheddar cheese, and yogurt.  I could keep going on but basically you are a very good eater. 

You have such an amazing imagination.  When we moved into our house the previous owners had build a playhouse on the side of the house.  We filled it with kitchen supplies for Christmas and I sit and have dinner parties with you and am in awe of how well you can use your imagination.  We pretend drink tea, do dishes, make pasta, use salt and pepper, etc.  You are getting good at cleaning up too. You also play with tools too. I tell people I am making you into the worldest greatest husband some day.  You can multitask like a boss.

Your smile just melts my soul.  I am trying to take more videos so I can always remember how amazing and lovely you are at this age.


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