SJ turns 2 – an update


I can’t believe this little monkey is 2.

At 32 lbs and 34 inches you are just as precious and sweet as ever.  I have never met a little boy who is as organized as you.  You will line up your toys by size or color, it really is incredible to see. I once walked outside to see you had organized all your balls by size against the back fence.  You have also done it with all the play food.  You are quite sporty my friend, you especially love “soccer ball”.  In fact you call every ball you see a “soccer ball”.  I am thrilled we got you signed up to start playing already.

photo 2 (11)

Your favorite shows are Handy Manny, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and Thomas the Train (or as you call it chooo, chooo). I love how you know the names of each of these shows and can tell me exactly which one you want to watch.

Your dad and my favorite thing you do though, is when you want one of us to come with you, you say “hee whoo” and point in the direction you want us in (or down at the ground- but always a point). I have to get a video tape to record it accurately because it is AMAZING.  It is hilarious and we absolutely adore it.

We put you in swim lessons this summer and it was fun.  You were a little defiant at times but now that we look back it was probably because you weren’t feeling well since we now know you have a gluten intolerance.  You are such a fish though.  You really love the water and played in the ocean in Hawaii and San Diego this summer.  You are also totally fine with getting your stool and putting it up against the kitchen sink and playing with that water as well.

You love to be tickled, dance, laugh and color.  We put you in a toddler bed shortly after your second birthday because you were crawling out of your crib you sneaky fella you.  This was no surprise to us as you are such a monkey.  We were only surprised it took you to 2 years old!

You are talking up a storm and get so excited about the little things in life like a set of keys or fruit snacks. You are starting to play well with other children and you are a big hit at school being the youngest and all.

We love you so much little one and can’t wait to keep watching you grow into your own.  You are one very special kid.

photo 5 (4)photo 4 (4)


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