Hello friends


Well it’s been a long time, hasn’t it?  I wish I had a good reason for not blogging but really I have just been busy, as in hanging on for dear life.  It’s that mom life.

A lot has gone on in the past few months I am going to try and go back and post about.  We went on our first ever family vacation to Hawaii, SJ turned 2(!!), started school, we have been through health issues, wellness and back again.

I am still cooking 6 nights a week, still anxiously awaiting to finally get pregnant with baby #2, still trying to find the magic secret to doing it all as a working mother.

So shortly after my last post back in March, I decided to try Whole30 and ended up getting really sick.  I was having extremely bad stomach pains (different than a stomach ache).  I would be doubled over in pain and popping tums and pepto like it was freaking skittles.  It was extremely frustrating for me to being getting sick from healthy foods especially when I was working so hard on my journey. I had ultrasounds and an endoscopy and they couldn’t find a concrete answer as to what was going on.  On my own I kept track of how I felt after all my meals and concluded that it was foods high in potassium that were making me sick.  So strange and so scary since potassium plays such a crucial role in the ol’ ticker.  The doctors didn’t seem concerned (or to even believe me) but that is one of the many issues I have had lately with doctors, which warrants it’s own post.  I think I just over did it as my diet was basically consisting of high potassium foods (bananas, sweet potatoes, lara bars-(dates), almonds, avocados).  I am doing much better now and have even brought most of these foods back into my diet in moderation.

I did gain some weight back during all this but have recently gotten back into running long distance and we are now a gluten free family (story coming soon) so I am hoping this will all pay off.

So this is basically a post, to let everyone know I am still alive and a preview of the things I will be posting here shortly.

This summer was a good one, wasn’t it?


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