SJ – 7 months

IMG_0912 IMG_0926 IMG_0929IMG_0884

My sweet boy you are 7 months old today. Wow. My heart just melts for you more and more each day. You are seriously the cutest. You talk up a storm and we love it. So much to say. You are quite determined and I think you may finally attempt crawling one day soon. You flip your body around and have been getting a little more tolerant on your tummy. You especially do this in your crib. I put you down for bed and you use the slates to climb up and flip yourself over. You are a talented one little boy.

You have always loved to be a nakE baby, but recently you get mad when I try and put clothes on you. You throw a mini fit, but kid you have to wear more than just a diap out. By the way, lately you even try and take your diap off too. Kid you are something else. Quite talented.

You play so well with your toys, especially this morning. You were so quiet I was getting worried but there you were in the bed, just holding your toy smiling. I wanted to freeze frame that moment forever.

If anyone takes a toy away from you though, watch out. A screaming fit can be heard a block away! We will start working on sharing sweet boy.

Sometimes its not even a toy. You will stick anything in your mouth, dog toys, Dad’s id, silverware, the remote, anything you can grab goes in the mouth! Speaking of the dog toys, you LOVE to play tug a war with Max dog. You think it is hilarious and laugh and laugh. It is adorable.

You have become very aware of mommy and daddy and want attention when you know we are near.

I love you to the moon and back,



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