Online shopping tips for busy moms


I am a very busy working mom which leaves me very little free time to do things like shop. Also, I like to spend the little free time I do have with my baby so I have taken up the wonderful world of online shopping. The one thing I don’t purchase online, is groceries which I either buy on my lunch break at work (if I take one) or on the way home with baby. Sometimes we make it a family outing on the weekends which doubles as family fun. Multi tasking I like it! Here are a few sites that make my life a little easier.

1. Amazon

I started becoming an Amazon advocate when I was preparing for baby. I got all our nursery furniture and baby necessities here. I mean talk about convenient having a crib dropped off at your front door! (If only they assembled it). You can pretty much buy anything under the sun on Amazon but right now I order all our formula from here on their subscription service (SJ has to have the most expensive formula and Amazon offers an additional 5% discount for doing subscription yes please!). I have also upgraded my membership to Prime which makes things even easier! No sales tax, competitive pricing, and free 2-day shipping – sign me up.

Wow- love. Some things on here are a little more expensive but to me ordering something and having it show up at my door the very next day (usually for free) is totally worth it. Literally anything you can find at babies r us is on here plus more and you don’t have to leave your house!


The sister site to This is great for all household items: toothpaste, dishwashing detergent, etc. The greatest part is that you can shop across 6 brands (,,, + more) to reach the free shipping threshold. They all operate off of one cart. This means I buy my baby lotion, hand soap, and dog food all at once for free next day delivery. Doesn’t get any easier than that.


Mentioned above. Great because without this my dogs would be eating Cheerios for dinner every night. The pet store is so out-of-the-way these days.


If you don’t already have an ebates account you are missing out.  This is literally sooo easy.  They have almost every online store listed with individual cash back rewards and coupons.  All you do is sign up and go to ebates before all online shopping.  If your store is listed click-through and that is it.  Ebates will send you a check at the end of every quarter with your cash back!

I also buy a lot of clothes, accessories, home decor etc. online. I am the queen of the deal sites and will have to dedicate an entire post to just this.

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