Things to remember- SJ 2.5 years (and some change)



This post is going to be more for me because there are things I just never want to forget about SJ at this age. Seriously 2 and a half is my favorite.  I hope I never forget the joy you bring us, the things you say and the way you say them.  The kid is magical, even if he is going through sleep regression and I am once again sleep deprived.  My current favorites are as follows:

1. When you grab your “gi-gi” and come up to me and say, “I snuggle you?”, to which I always say, “I WILL snuggle you!”

2. The fact that you know all your colors, and the adorable way you say yellow (ellloow one?)  You are doing well with your counting as well.

3. You freaking love bath time or as we call it “tubby time”.  So hard to get you out of there, you are such a fish.  Speaking of which you always grab your swim shorts and ask to either go “beach” or “swimming”

4. The fact that when your dad doesn’t answer you, you call him Steve.  “Mama where is Steve?”

5. When you eat something good you say “mmmmm a-licious!”

6. Your undying love of Thomas the Train.  We have fed into this love by buying you an obscene amount of Thomas the Train trains and tracks but it makes you so happy, how could we not?  You know all the train names even though we just started watching the show and there are a lot of train names.  You learned them all by yourself by watching YouTube.  You love YouTube.  You also carry all your trains around in a Mickey Mouse bag I got from the dollar store that is about to break from the weight.

7. Your favorite food is probably cucumber.  You are an insanely good eater, despite your gluten intolerance, I am so impressed by you.  It has been a long road and I am happy we are where we are.  You also love soup, especially from PF Changs.

8. You also inappropriately say, “DAMN GINA!” which you picked up from me a long time ago and just hung on to.  Well truth be told we may encourage it sometimes because it is freaking hilarious.  I know I know, parent of the year.

9. You giggle hysterically every time you say “ooo gross!”. I think it is a boy thing.  Then you say “that’s funny”.

10. You love your dogs.  You ask about them all the time by name, especially Max.  He has become your partner in crime.  Max drives your dad and I crazy, but you have all the patience for that pup and love to play into his antics and him yours.

11. I just can’t believe how smart you are.  You really listen to me and respond.  You are decisive and you know exactly what you want when you want it. Our favorite is when you answer, “yeah sure” or sometimes “I’m not sure” with your hands up.  You are kind, and loving, and I will take your “hugs and kisses” every second of every day.  You love to play with the kids older than you and I just love to watch you drink it in- you follow their actions and words and fit right in.  My absolute favorite is your love of music and dancing.  You ask me to put “shake it off” on the iPad (Taylor Swift) and you know all the dance moves from the video.

You have exceeded all my wildest imaginations of what I thought you might be.  We love you so much, like so so so VERY much! And now I can’t wait to go home and hear you say, “MOMMY!” as I walk through the door and get one of your smiles and huge hugs.

You are the best!






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