Our 4th of July


We had the best 4th of July this year. It was times like this that make me so glad we moved where we did. Last year we moved across a bridge to a different part of the bay area away from our friends and family and had a bit of a difficult time adjusting. We finally feel like we have found our place. It helps that we have great neighbors and keep meeting other young families like us. Suburban family life is fitting us well.

We went to a pool party at our neighbors parent’s house around the corner from us. It was a hot day and (gasp!) I actually jumped in the pool! I put my issues with my weight aside for the day and had a blast swimming with my little boy. He is definitely a water baby. Adding to my confidence is the fact that I have actually started to lose more weight recently. I have been working really hard, working out every day and eating mostly well. Anyways we had a nice BBQ and headed home for a short nap.


Later in the evening, we went to the street behind us which was having a block party with fireworks. SJ LOVED the fireworks. He seriously had so much fun, he was laughing and just mesmerized by the fireworks. There were also like 4-5 illegal firework shows around us so we got to see a sky show as well.

In other news, on our family walk on Wednesday night, we found a little stray dog. I haven’t really touched on the fact that we have 4 dogs yet, but yes we have 4 dogs so you can imagine the thoughts going through my head when we found this little adorable dog. Obviously we can’t keep him, right? I have such a hard time because I have this syndrome that I want to save everyone. I have to realize I can’t save all the dogs, I just can’t. I really wish I could though. So anyways, we took this little dog in and since it was a holiday the animal shelter was closed so we had him for 2 days. The dogs were started to get used to him and he was an awesome dog. When we put up LOST signs and didn’t hear anything I was started to get worried. Luckily, when the shelter opened on Friday we found out that he is chipped and had a family to which we returned him to. We think he might have enjoyed being with us, but it is not our place to judge his home and family. We sincerely hope he is happy.

We named him Chief, but his real name is Ziggy

We named him Chief, but his real name is Ziggy

On a side note, did you know that the day after the 4th of July is the day that the most dogs get turned into the animal shelter? They get spooked from the fireworks and run away. So sad. Let’s hope they all get returned back to their (hopefully) loving families.

Happy birthday America! We had quite a time celebrating you.


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