Momfession – My kid ate baby Vicks


Last Monday I found SJ eating baby Vicks vapor rub. The kid climbed up his changing table, opened one of the baskets (he didn’t knock it down, just opened it), reached in, pulled out the Vicks, took the Vicks out of its box, and THEN unscrewed it. He was covered, his hands, feet, face. I immediately threw him in the sink in all his clothes as he giggled like nothing was wrong. After a dramatic phone call to my husband, I called poison patrol who reassured me that he would be fine. Apparently everything in it is safe and he may just get a stomach ache (he didn’t). He is fine, he survived just as kids usually do.

Truth be told, this did ensue a minor breakdown in myself. I felt like a failure. I felt like maybe if I hadn’t been so busy trying to get everyone ready and out the door for work/daycare, I would have been watching him closer. Even though this is silly, as I am sure even stay at home moms have hiccups like this. We are not perfect and no one can be watching their roaming baby/toddler 100% of the time.

Someday we will laugh about this I am sure. Being a mom is not always easy but it definitely keeps you on your toes.

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