Our Easter Weekend


This Easter weekend we headed down to San Diego for Steve’s brother’s confirmation to the catholic church. We also got to spend some time with my family who lives down there. Well spending time with family aside, the trip was a complete nightmare.

To start, we drove 7 hours with a baby and 4 dogs. Enough said. Towards the end of this magnificent drive, my dog Mochi starts doing this bizarre “dance” in the back. We laughed at him as he jumped into the front and landed on my lap. He continued to do the dance, then it hit me. This dog had to poop. I took a McDonald’s’ cup up to his ass and he pooped in there, still funny. Then he jumped down and I realized I was covered in shit. Shit on my clothes, on my shoes, on SJ’s blanket, etc… NOT SO FUNNY. (I should also mention that this is the second time this has happened to me. Our late dog Henry shit all over me in the car once many years ago. Surely this can’t happen twice in a lifetime but this is my life we are talking about).

My sister and best friend Morgan

My sister and best friend Morgan

My amazing mom

My amazing mom

My sister in law Katie (I got lucky with her)

My sister in law Katie (I got lucky with her)

While in San Diego we had a really nice time with my family and Steve’s family. I love spending time with my mom and sister. I never get to see them so this time is always special. My mom and I also went over to my grandma’s house and had a really great visit. I treasure my time with my grandma, she is AMAZING. However, we did not sleep at all. I mean not at all. Dog continued to get sick all over the hotel room and baby was not happy with the change in his sleeping arrangements.

My beautiful grandma

My beautiful grandma

Saturday night working off of maybe 6 hours of sleep in 2 days we made it to Steve’s brother’s fiance’s parent’s house. (Wow that sounds confusing.) Her family was really awesome and hospitable. This was also my one opportunity to dress SJ up for Easter and get some pictures since we would be in the car all day on Sunday.


On Sunday, we got up early and just wanted to head home. Why? Because we were all sick. Apparently when you don’t sleep for 3 days you get sick. Good to know. We said good-bye and were on our way!


I was bummed we didn’t get to do Easter baskets and egg hunts since we were in a hotel room and then a car, but Easter is really about spending time with family and remembering Jesus Crist. This we did so I guess baby’s first Easter was a success!

Sometimes the best part about going away, is the realization of how much you love and appreciate your own home. There is nothing than the feeling of your own bed. Well, maybe chocolate. Chocolate makes me feel pretty good too.




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