A day in my life- week day edition (why I have not had time to blog)

As I mentioned earlier this month, I have been insanely busy.  So at the risk of not sounding like I am being a whiney baby, I thought I would do what all the other bloggers out there do and give you all a run down of a day in my life.  This is the week day edition because a typical day on the weekend is quite different, being a working mom does that.

6:45-7:30 Wake up.  I haven’t set an alarm since having SJ.  Somedays he wakes up by 7 and a lot of days he wakes up closer to 7:30.  I just go with it even if it makes me late to work.  Mama needs her beauty sleep.

Once SJ wakes up we normally lay in bed while he drinks his milk.   He used to drink his milk in his crib and I could get ready but not anymore.  He insists on coming out to hang out with us in the bed and that is okay with me.  Sometimes we need to slow down and enjoy a few minutes, even if it makes me late to work. (If you can’t tell from the beginning of this post I am pretty much always late to work).

Then the mayhem ensues.  I then spend the next 30 minutes trying to get ready for work while SJ plays, runs, screams, or asks to be held.  I then try to wrangle him up to change his diaper (oh the horror) and get him dressed.

We then head to the kitchen for breakfast.  A typical breakfast is a shake for mom and dad and oatmeal, cereal, and fruit for SJ.  After breakfast I have to clean the kitchen it’s my thing.  With my life as busy as it is I need to have the kitchen and bathrooms clean or I will just lose it.  I feel like if I came home from a long day at work and my kitchen was dirty from breakfast I might sit on the floor and cry.  I know this is OCD but it’s what works for me so let’s just go with it.

Now this last what should be 10 minutes is what takes the longest.  Packing up myself, SJ and trying to get out the door to leave.  There is usually always a tantrum thrown at this time, so now I am really late for work.

We finally load up the car and get SJ buckled in and head out.  There are lots of deep breaths at this point by mom but we are in the car and on the way. One battle down.  I commute with SJ and drop him off at daycare by my work.  My commute should be about 25 minutes but lately traffic has been so bad and getting worse it can take an hour or longer.  So yes I sit in the car after a crazy morning with a frustrated toddler yelling at me – good times.  I have lots of toys, snacks, and watered down apple juice to tempt him with.  Some days he is as sweet as can be during the commute.  I am very thankful for those days.

By the time I finally make it to work I am already exhausted and well, late.  The next 7-8 hours is spent behind a computer, in meetings, or eating.  I am a stress eater, there I admitted it.  I usually work through lunch but sometimes I will go out to the grocery story or run an errand.  I try to multi-task during the day when I can.

After work, I get back in the car to sit in more traffic and pick up SJ at daycare.  We sit in even more traffic until we get home.  Sometimes we stop at the grocery store if I didn’t get to go at lunch.

I cook dinner.  I feed SJ.  I feed the dogs.  I feed my husband.  Then I feed myself.

My favorite part of the day is this last hour before I put SJ to bed.  This is my time with him.  To play with him, to teach him new words and phrases, to give him a million and one kisses.  During this hour the dishes wait, the laundry waits, everything thing else that pulls me in a million different directions waits.  This is my time with my boy.

If it is a bath night we take a bath if not we take a “sink” bath.  SJ has bad excema so I can’t give him baths every night.  I do wash his face and his stinky feet every night though.

We put on pajamas, get a sippy cup  of milk and read a book.  Then it is good night lights out.  For SJ.

I however have to start my next job.  I clean the kitchen, do the laundry, straighten the house.  I pack up SJ for the next day.  I then hop on the stairclimber we have in our living room for 25- 3o minutes.  I shower and then I get into bed.  It is normally 11-11:30 at this point.  I spend 10 minutes seeing what the social media world is up to. Then I got to bed,  only to wake up and do it all over again….


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