SJ Updates + Hello Again

To say I have been busy lately is the understatement of the century.  I have not forgotten about this space I have just been INSANELY BUSY.  I work for a company that has the majority of their business come in around the holidays, a “Q4 company” as we call it.  This means that work has taken ahold of me from every direction.  When I am not take deep stress relieving breaths from the daily work grind and commute (that has gotten so unbearably bad lately), I am chasing around my crazy busy toddler.  That crazy toddler is now a little over 16 months and there are some very awesome things he is doing in his life that I want to remember since I haven’t done an update for several months.

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SJ (16 months and other cool things he has started doing since 12 months)

Weight: 24 lbs

Height: 33 inches (this was at his 15 month check up, he is growing like a weed so it could be taller)

Milestones: Feeding yourself with utensils (boom).  Running, Walking up and down stairs and curbs without falling, first haircut, and we are pretty sure you might be right-handed (not that this is a milestone, just an observation).

Language:  You are starting to talk a lot! We read “Go Dogs Go” almost every day so now you say: “Goooooooo” but the facial expression that goes with it is priceless.  One day you leaned forward in your car seat and looked out the window and screamed this to the car next to us- awesome.  You are saying “mama” a lot and my heart melts every time.  We are also saying, “tickle tickle”, “kitty”, “sit”, “bad dog”, “dada” and of course “this”.  You point to everything and say “this”.  I have no idea where you got it from but it’s pretty funny.  I am sure there are more but these are the ones you say the most often.

Food: You eat the most random foods.  You love pesto sauce.  What kid loves pesto sauce?  You apparently!  We put it on your sandwich and on pasta of course.  You love cherry tomatoes and all fruits.  Like the rest of the human race you love sugar and dad hooks you up.  You will pretty much eat anything if we feed you on the go When you are in the high chair you get a little more picky but if we chase you around the house with bites you will eat almost anything.  Speaking of food you also say “mmmmmm” whenever you really like something.

Likes: You love basketball right now.  We bought you your own basketball hoop that is in the living room and this weekend at the store out of all the toys you just wanted a Wilson mini basketball.  Seriously, I let you choose from several toys and that is what you picked.  You haven’t gotten really into books which is making my heart sing a little bit.  You have your favorites and you always bring them to us and then turn around to sit in our lap for a reading session. You still love the bath which cracks us up.  It’s your happy place.

Cool stuff: You always dust your hands off and clap.  You beat box (you are a boss).  You always have to carry handfuls of stuff.  It can’t just  be one or even 2 crackers, it has to be like 4.  You stack them in your hands and sometimes even hold them in your arm folds. You always want to sit in my lap.  You just back it up and sit down, it is so freaking adorable.  You always take everyone’s phones and your play phones and hold them behind your hand to answer it, it’s adorable. You are becoming quite assertive.  You always shake your head “no” and you tell me exactly what you want when you want it.  You tell me if you want a snack by going up to the snack table and pointing or if you want a meal you hang on your high chair.  Otherwise you just point and say “this” and give me 3 tries to get it right.  If I don’t, oh lord.  You are totally a toddler.

Your dad and I talk every day about how we are pretty sure you are the coolest, smartest, most awesome toddler to ever walk the planet.  We are so proud and you are so insanely loved.


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