Tales from a Crazy Toddler

This past week we went on our first family vacation to Tahoe.  It was lovely.  Unfortunately Steve and I got stuck working the whole time so that was a real bummer but we made a few great memories while we could.  We took SJ swimming in the lake and enjoyed an awesome concert on the beach where SJ danced, clapped, and flirted with the ladies.  You know, just the usual. 

One milestone I guess you could call it, was SJ started the climbing phase.  I hear that this is very common with little boys.  My mom recently told me, “I hope you have a girl so you can see the difference”. I mean for real little boys are WILD.  I seriously think I might start  loosing 5 pounds on the daily chasing after this kid.  He is also obsessed with stairs.  Up the stairs, down the stairs, up the stairs.. well you get it.

Here are a few of my favorite candid shots of my little wild warrior getting into trouble from the past week.

SJ.climb.2 SJ.climb.3 SJ.climb.4 SJ.climb SJ.climb.5


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