SJ- 11 months

Wow. 11 months. You talk a lot and it is awesome. Your favorite new words are, duck, oh good, and yesss. You still say dada like a champ and have started to say mama a little better. You have started saying something that more resembles dog then do-do. You are smart. You eat! You finally […]

This Past Week

There were a few big milestones this past week. Starting with my very first Mother’s Day on Sunday. My mother was actually in town visiting from San Diego, and I haven’t spent a Mother’s Day with her in years. We didn’t do much, I cooked pancakes for breakfast and we went to a little part […]

SJ – 9 months

Weight: 20 pounds on the money Height: 29.5 inches (tall!) Milestones: Where do I start? CRAWLING!! You started crawling and you are amazing at it. Off you go kid. You also quickly picked up standing on your own. You pull yourself up on everything. Tables, chairs, me, walls, you name it. Hair!! You finally have […]

Tiny Hands

The other day I really noticed how precious tiny hands are. I love when they hold my fingers or press against my skin as I rock you to sleep. I love their curiousity as you explore your new world. I love the perfect new skin that hasn’t seen the trials of the world yet. I […]